iBox Printers - Baseline Support Site

Here you can find the current user manual, USB restore and configuation files and links to other iBox support via youtube videos, support forums, and wiki pages.
Please note that we are a new company and this documentation will be changing rapidly.

We recommend you use the "software update" button in your Nanos [Settings] menu ot ensure you have the newest features and bug fixes.

User Guide: Nano User Guide
Quick Install Guide: Nano Quick Install Guide

Nano Support Forum: Nano Support Forum *Under Construction
Nano Wiki: Nano Wiki *Under Construction
Nano YouTube Channel: Nano YouTube Channel

iBox Printers - USB Creation Support files

Here are files that will assist you in connecting and configuring your iBox Printer. You can download these files to a USB memory stick (aka USB Flash Drive), then edit the files per the user manual to reflect your desired network configurations and then insert it into your iBox Printer, Reboot, remove it and reboot again to have all settings applied to your printer.

Each of these files should be downloaded to a USB Flash Drive, then edited to reflect your desired settings.
*Only download files relating to settings you want to change
*Some browsers require you to right click and "save as"

Set your iBox Printer network name. This is the name you will use to connect to your printer from a computing device. The default is "nano" and you will connect using "nano.local".
File_1_a) hostname.txt [use this to set your iBox Printer network name]
File_1_b) hosts.txt [use this to set your iBox Printer network name]
*You should always set your network name in both files.

Set your iBox Printer WiFi SSID and Passphrase. Here you can set your home or work SSID and WPA passphrase. If you have a WPS enabled AP you can just push the WPS button on your AP then press and hold the PRINT button on the Nano for about 5 seconds until the Nano beeps repeatedly, then it will automatically join your WiFi network. But in case WPS fails or you have an old Access Point that does not support WPS, then you can use this fule to get your SSID and Passphrase on your Nano, then your Nano on the network.
File_2) wpa_supplicant.txt [use this to set your WiFi SSID+Passphrase]

Set advanced network settings in this file. Likely not needed.
File_3) interfaces.txt

iBox Printers - USB Restore files

Download this ZIP and extract it to a USB Flash Drive that is formatted in FAT.


The file structure should look like: U:/ibox/ (unzipped folder with many files)

This procedure will restore your Nano to its factory installed software configuration. This is a destructive process that can and will remove files and configurations.

You do not have to use the entire /ibox/ directory. For example if you only want to reset the core mysystem.json file, then just delete everything else on a memory stick with only /ibox/mysystem.json. If you use the ibox dir as it is in the attached zip, then it will reset the core software files and common profile and system files. You should backup your profiles and any other data you may want to save before starting this process.

Step 1) Download ibox.zip
Step 2) Extract it using an unzip program
Step 3) Copy the files to a blank USB Flash Drive that was formatted using FAT
Step 4) Remove the WiFi USB adapter labled 802.11n
Step 5) Insert the USB drive into your Nano
Step 6) Initiate a reboot of your Nano (Hold both the UP and DOWN buttons together until you hear multiple beeps, then wait 1 minute for shutdown and start the reboot)
Step 7) After rebooting your nano will copy all files from the USB stick to the Nanos file system. Each file that exists will be overritten. If you know precisely what files you need to overwrite you can remove the other files from the USB stick prior to starting this process.
Step 8) The update process takes about 3-5 minutes. When it is finished the Nano will shutdown. It is best just to start the process and then wait 5 minutes.
Step 9) Remove the USB stick and reinsert the WiFi USB adapter.
Step 10 Reboot the Nano by removing and re-applying power.